Priya Brown brings more than a decade of experience at the highest level of public policy development, political campaigns and strategic communications for State and Federal Government.

Priya most recently served as a Chief of Staff and Special Adviser in the Western Australian Government and has also served as a Principal Adviser to both the Western Australian and Victorian Treasurers.

A treasury and infrastructure expert, Priya played critical roles in commercial decision-making in the Victorian and Western Australian Governments, including the development of four state budgets.

Throughout her career she has also advised Governments in a range of policy areas including Energy, Environment, Climate Change, Finance, Education, Sports, Lands and Multicultural Interests.

Priya is a skilled communicator and stakeholder engagement practitioner, who provides clear analysis to clients on a range of policy areas and government processes, while continuing to foster strong relationships at senior levels in the Federal Government and multiple State Governments.

She understands how to help clients navigate their operating environment and successfully build support for their ideas and projects.

Priya holds a Bachelor of Science/Arts (Psychology) from the University of Western Australia.

[email protected]

0408 670 902