Government Relations

Our market leading government relations offering helps clients understand and shape public policy and regulatory outcomes: 


  • Policy and regulatory advice: research, analysis and strategic advice on policy and regulatory issues and the development of tactics and strategic options.
  • Legislative advice: counsel on proposed bills and existing legislation that a client may either be seeking to promote, amend or oppose.
  • Counsel on government and parliamentary inquiries: including stakeholder intelligence and submission formulation for a variety of public hearings, government and parliamentary inquiries on a full range of legislative and political issues. 
  • Bill advisory: specialist advice to support clients involved in government competitive processes such as asset sales, Market-Led Proposals, Public-Private Partnerships, major projects and outsourcing. 


  • Broad-based stakeholder consultation: pursue a legislative, policy, regulatory, or business outcome, with an approach likely to involve the direct decision-maker as well as a range of government, parliamentary, departmental agency, industry and other stakeholders.
  • General government liaison: creating positive interactions with government decision-makers outside particular issues or clients well should issues emerge at a later point. 


  • Political and policy ‘audit’: determining how a client’s reputation, policy agenda, commercial objective or project is, or is likely to be, perceived in light of political, policy and other relevant factors.
  • Intelligence gathering: ongoing monitoring of developments within the executive and legislative branches of government to identify emerging issues of interest to clients.
  • Market research: explore a range of factors influencing an organisation’s brand and reputation, as well as community sentiment and stakeholder engagement outcomes. 

Strategic Communications

Our highly experienced team delivers sophisticated strategic communications advice and support to assist clients in managing critical, complex and high-profile situations. 


  • Communication strategy and activation: reputation and profile raising; cross-platform content; stake-holder engagement; internal and external communications.
  • Messaging and narrative development: formulation of key messages and narrative across external and internal communications, media and other stakeholders; and producing all materials used in implementation. 
  • Media engagement: building and leveraging relationships to build brand, influence and profile to meet project and business objectives. 
  • Media and professional presentation training: full suite of professional training tailored to individual project, events or issue-specific needs inclusive of crisis, speeches, Town Hall meetings and webinars. 
  • Media monitoring: monitoring and reporting of mentions across a wide variety of media platforms, including traditional and online.


  • Media and stakeholder relations: designing, implementing and managing media and other key stakeholder group programs in times of critical communication, including corporate restructure, new market entrants and market positioning programs. 
  • ASX calendar: formulating key messages and strategies to effectively manage ASX calendar events for listed companies, including AGMs, EGMs and annual result announcements. 
  • Transactions: developing communication programs for boards and senior executive teams in the context of M&A, IPOs and private equity transactions.


  • Crisis management, planning and training: contingency planning; communications collateral; expert crisis communication coordination; training including desktop and comprehensive crisis response scenario testing. 
  • Issues management: coordinating stakeholder communication and media solutions, messages, and programs to strategically promote and protect reputation, avoid risk with contingency planning, and contain and manage potential reputational threats and crisis situations.  
  • Reputation and advocacy: development of an organisational communications framework to ensure key messaging and narrative is aligned, ensuring all corporate communications are strategically geared towards supporting the organisational purpose. 


As a member of the Clemenger Group, we can broaden our service offering to clients with best-of-category expertise in a wide range of disciplines.


  • Brand
  • Design
  • Social Marketing
  • Content Strategy and Production
  • Social and Influencer
  • B2B Marketing

Customer Experience & Insight

  • Customer, Employee and Brand Experience
  • Data-Driven Marketing Technology
  • Research and Consumer Insights
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence


  • Shopper Marketing
  • Retail Execution and Experience 
  • Experiential Marketing and Sponsorship


  • Strategy
  • Planning 
  • Trading
  • Reporting 
  • Measurement

Digital Transformation

  • Technology Advisory and Consulting 
  • Technology Solution, Design and Delivery
  • Ecommerce (B2B and B2C)